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Report launch: State of the Nation 2023 - People and Places

On Tuesday 12th September 2023 the Social Mobility Commission is planning to launch its annual State of the Nation report.

This year’s report extends and builds on the work we started in 2022 and contains important new elements. We have done this by looking at full mobility outcomes, intermediate (early-life) outcomes, and drivers, with breakdowns by geography and personal characteristics.

On the same day, we will be releasing our Data Explorer Tool. This new Tool is a unique interactive system which will be a breakthrough for policy makers to address regional inequality and social mobility. It will allow information on income, occupation and education to be broken down by regions, ethnicity, gender and disability.

On Monday 18th September we are also publishing an accompanying policy paper which discusses how we plan to address the challenges we have identified in this report. We are committed to making a difference for people across the UK – to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to thrive irrespective of their background or place they grew up.

You can find out more by attending our online event on Thursday 28th September, where our Interim Chair, Alun Francis OBE, will be discussing our 2023 State of the Nation report: People and Places, charting the evolving social mobility landscape across the United Kingdom.