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T Levels: Industry placements – Upskilling tomorrow’s workforce

The Social Mobility Commission, in its role as a T Level Ambassador, is promoting this external event for employers.

Event date: 9 Jun 2023
Event time: 2.30pm
Location: Online

T Levels are a 2-year qualification designed to give young learners a head start towards the career they want, giving them a new choice of technical education after GCSEs.

In this webinar, you’ll discover how industry placements can improve your recruitment pipeline, as well as bring many other benefits to your organisation, and participating students.

An industry placement is at the heart of each T Level course, providing employers with:

  • early access to the brightest talent
  • the opportunity to shape the future of their industry

The webinar was delivered by the Department for Education (DfE) and Strategic Development Network (SDN). SDN is a trusted partner of the DfE and has a proven track record helping organisations understand and benefit from apprenticeships and technical education to upskill and prepare tomorrow’s workforce.

A webinar for HR Managers, Learning and Development Managers, and others interested in hosting industry placements.