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Social Mobility Commission and Demos: How can better data drive social mobility?

Event date: 12/03/2024
Event time: 10:00am - 11:10am
Location: Hybrid

A dynamic panel discussion exploring how employers, policymakers, researchers and others can better use data to drive social mobility and the changes needed to make this happen.

There are still significant data gaps in the analysis of social mobility in the UK. This isn’t a headline-grabbing issue – but should be, as good data is fundamental for good analysis and good policy. Without the correct data, expensive and lengthy policy interventions can end up being misdirected. This has serious implications for the economy at large, with weak job matching and low productivity continuing to hinder growth.

This panel, run in partnership with Demos brought together high-profile representatives from policy, research and business to discuss these issues and consider what changes are needed to improve the availability and usage of high-quality data with regard to social mobility.

Speakers included:

  • Polly Curtis, Chief Executive, Demos
  • Paul Gerrard, Public Affairs & Board Secretariat Director, Co-op
  • Resham Kotecha, Deputy Chair at the Social Mobility Commission
  • Louis Hodge, Associate Director, Education Policy Institute

Recording provided by DEMOS