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Green Park’s inaugural, virtual Global Talent Conference

Image of lots of people online, with words 'Green Park Global Talent Conference' and the dates of the session
Event date: 20/09/2023
Event time: 8.45am-12.30pm
Location: Online

Paula Kemp, Head of Employer Engagement at the Social Mobility Commission, will speak at Green Park’s Global Talent Conference.  She’ll share what organisations are doing well in the social mobility space, where the pain points are and what needs to get measured to improve social mobility outcomes. This event is run by external organisers and the recording is available online.

More about the event:

This inaugural event will host a line up of expert speakers and panellists, who will share their experience and knowledge on topics including diversity, inclusion and intersectionality, social value, social mobility, leadership, productivity, AI, and technology. 

The conference will feature panel discussions, expert speakers and original research designed to provide practical guidance, shared learnings and open conversation about the challenges and opportunities facing organisations and their leaders, including: 

  • How to Move the Dial on Social Value & Social Mobility?
  • Are We Failing in Intersectional Diversity?
  • How do we Accelerate Socio-Economic Diversity?
  • Is Leadership the Key to Unlocking the Diversity Dividend?
  • Is AI Empowering Underrepresented Voices or Silencing Them?

Suitable for people and talent managers, business leaders or board members.