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Employers’ Masterclass: Using the new SMC Data Explorer tool to drive regional change

A portion of a UK map with a pin near Colchester

Join us to hear more about our brand new Data Explorer tool.

Event date: 07/06/2023
Event time: 12.00-12.45pm
Location: Online

Employers play a key role in social mobility outcomes for many.  They determine where they set up their business, the types of job roles they create, and how and who they recruit; the income set by employers impacts living standards, pension contributions, as well as spending power in their local economy; they also play an important role in the health and wellbeing of employees.

We recognise that employers are increasingly seeking to play a bigger role in improving social mobility and as such have been undertaking positive action to to support socio-economic inclusion.

But understanding the issue across the UK is challenging.  With each part of the UK having an individual identity, history and economy, impacting its local population and their opportunities, the challenges to social mobility, and the solutions, may differ from region to region.  That’s where we think the use of our new Data Explorer tool can help.  It will enable employers to explore social mobility data by region and gain a more accurate understanding of targeted activity could work in different areas.

At this event, our colleague Rosa Alonso will be demonstrating how this new tool works, followed by a presentation by our Director, John Craven on how employers can utilise it to understand their workforce distribution, provide insight for outreach activity and hiring activity, and to serve and support regional communities.

Alongside a demonstration of the tool, we will also share ways in which employers could utilise it to help them make decisions on their:

  • workforce planning, especially focusing on the regional labour market and skills opportunities
  • hiring practices
  • outreach activities to support social mobility
  • environmental, social, and governance (ESG) goals

Register for this 45 minute event here.