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Employer blog: Maisha Rashid, Purchase Ledger Administrator, Jupiter Asset Management

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Maisha Rashid

  • Purchase Ledger Administrator
  • Jupiter Asset Management

In celebration of Social Mobility Awareness Day, which takes place on 16 June 2022, we are sharing stories from some of the organisations that are committed to bringing about positive change.

Our second blog comes from Maisha Rashid, Purchase Ledger Administrator, Jupiter Asset Management telling her story of how undertaking an apprenticeship was the right choice for her.

Maisha grew up in a working class family and went to Mossbourne Community Academy in Hackney where she received free school meals. When thinking about her future, she decided to avoid university debt and head straight for the world of work having done her BTEC in Business at Clapton Girls’ Academy Sixth Form. Through Investment20/20, she found opportunities to apply for apprenticeships so that she could study while she worked and earned a salary. She knew she wanted to work in Finance and secured a role with Jupiter Asset Management as a Finance Apprentice. Starting in the Accounts payable team, Maisha then became a permanent member of staff a year later working as a Purchase Ledger Administrator.

“Going to university is really expensive and I didn’t want to build a big debt at such a young age. I come from a working class family and my parents had aspirations that I would go into higher education and that would open more opportunities in life than they had but I felt that there were other options that would allow me to start working and earning, whilst studying at the same time.

Investment20/20 helped me to find that perfect balance – the programme reaches out to diverse talented people and provides many opportunities to join the investment management sector. I landed a role with Jupiter Asset Management as a Finance apprentice. I now have a permanent job at the firm and my parents are thrilled that I am already financially independent and working in an industry like investment management in the City – my dad is especially proud to see me working across two computer screens at a desk in an office!

Originally, I thought I would work in healthcare or education because I see other women wearing hijabs in those types of professions but when I realised I wanted to work in Finance, I didn’t let my identity stop me from pursuing my ambitions. I have the confidence to wear my hijab and embrace who I am but I know many people who feel like they need to change who they are to be accepted at work so they may not consider broader career paths. I hope seeing me will encourage others to join this industry and not be afraid to be who they are at work.”

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